Mike Voss

Mike Voss

Mike VossMike VossMike Voss

A thought provoking executive seeking a new career opportunity in the cannabis industry. 




Mike is a proven leader who listens to the team. Creating a culture of inclusion by leveraging relationships built on trust.




Mike was diagnosed with a tumor located in his head. Mike believes ingesting cannabis led to a non-surgical recovery.  

Strategic Thinker

Strategic Thinker

Strategic ThinkerStrategic ThinkerStrategic Thinker

Mike dissects information through listening and data analysis. Setting strategy in place and implementing with detail.  



Mentor Mentor Mentor

Mentoring a team to success through passion, trust, loyalty, and respect. 




Mike is excited for future research that could provide an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicine. 

Mike's journey into the cannabis space


In Mike's early career

Mike worked for several Oakland area cannabis cultivators in addition to a dispensary called Berkeley Patients Group. Mike became passionate about the plant and the power it possessed. Mike witnessed first-hand from patients that came into Berkeley Patients Group how important this medicine was for them and their livelihood. 



Mike started feeling different in the winter/spring of 2016. The symptoms began slowly. First came a short temper, small things that were typically rolling off Mike's shoulders began easily frustrating him. Second came headaches. Late in the afternoon after a full day of work Mike started experiencing headaches. These consistent headaches became more frequent, lasted longer, and intensity grew. Eventually a daily migraine would ensue which inhibited Mike's work schedule. 

The evening before Mike brought himself to make a doctors appointment he felt a small bump protruding on the top of his head.   



During the summer of 2016 Mike was diagnosed with a tumor in his head. Wanting so badly to avoid surgery Mike took to the internet to research more about his condition and if cannabis could help. Mike couldn't find any conclusive information, but he did find forums here and there where people claimed to have shrunk or completely dissolved their tumors simply by ingesting cannabis. 

Mike initially reached out to his childhood friend who cultivates and manufactures cold pressed cannabis oil. This oil was the only medicine that made him feel physically better after being diagnosed. Pharmaceuticals Mike had been given by his neurologists did not offer this level of pain reduction. 

After Mike experienced this reduction in pain he was committed to experimenting on himself by ingesting high levels of cannabinoids in an attempt to dissolve his tumor.  Mike was able to get in touch with an old boss, Debby Goldsberry, who is now an executive with Magnolia Wellness in Oakland. Debby and the Magnolia team  graciously began supplying Mike with full extract cannabis oil to help treat his condition.



Mike slowly titrated a formulation called "full extract cannabis oil", ultimately consuming 1 gram of oil every evening before bed. After four months of consistent ingestion Mike returned for imaging of his tumor which showed a reduction in the size of the tumor by 3 centimeters.  

Today what had started out a tumor the size of a pea is now the size of a grain of sand. Mike no longer consumes large quantities of cannabinoids but he does still ingest cannabis as it is his belief the cannabis plant holds adaptogenic compounds that bring balance and healing properties when orally ingested. 


Mike's experience

Qualifications and Profile

Mike is a highly organized, dedicated, and results-driven professional that encourages open communication through transparency and authenticity. He is complemented with a strong ability to effectively lead sales groups by developing a culture based on compassion and inclusion. He builds sales teams who find trust in one another which ultimately optimizes group performance and efficiencies.

Leading high performance sales teams for the last five years, Mike has effectively changed culture by developing under-performing sales reps, hiring new reps that embodied the culture he was implementing, and fostered long-term relationships with sales staff to lead his teams towards success. 

Mike designs compensation structures that reward opening new accounts and motivate sales staff to successfully manage ongoing relationships. At the Venice Cookie Company Mike’s sales team of seven brought on fifteen new accounts per month on average between 12/1/2018 and 12/1/2019. This grab for market share can be directly attributed to his commitment with developing and training his staff. 

Mike believes his holistic approach to develop training material and methodology for employees to follow is paramount to evolving successful teams. His method of training and development focuses on education, empowerment, and setting defined goals and strategies for employees to follow. His tribal knowledge of the California cannabis market paves the way to customizing sales territories and strategies based on a team members individual territory. Precisely defining KPI's, goals, and meeting in-person with every member of his team on a monthly basis to discuss progress and develop strategy. Mike continually works one on one with members of his team to optimize performance.  

Formal Resume

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COO, Venice Cookie Company

Managing Partner, Stelaris private equity

Managing Partner, Stelaris private equity

Michael Marble is the COO of the Venice Cookie Company. Michael and Mike had a standing morning meeting everyday of the week. Naturally a fantastic working relationship organically evolved based off their daily communication.  When asked, Michael had this to say about Mike: 

"During the time Mike worked for me he always showed an extensive knowledge and passion for the Cannabis industry.  He was a true leader who was liked and respected by all of those who worked for/with him. Mike never had a problem doing what was needed no matter how difficult it might have been. 

Mike balanced being gentle when the circumstance permitted and laying down the hammer when the time was right. In my opinion that balance is the sign of a true professional."


Managing Partner, Stelaris private equity

Managing Partner, Stelaris private equity

Managing Partner, Stelaris private equity

Anil Gulati consulted for the Venice Cookie Company and played an integral role when Mike was hired on. Anil is a mentor and role model to Mike and had this to say about him when asked:

"If you want to work with a passionate, smart, and intuitive individual, talk to Mike.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for  several years and he has been absolutely outstanding, but more impressive is the fact that he is a great coach to his colleagues."


Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Tricia Simmons was Mike's first hire at the Venice Cookie Company. A sales rep and silent leader of the sales team. When asked, Tricia had this to say about Mike: 

"Mike is a supportive and inclusive leader with excellent business acumen and a strong understanding of the cannabis industry. His comprehensive approach and strategy to building a sales team that works together instead of against one another was a refreshing change from past sales organizations I have been apart of."


Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company

Chad Klonsky a former colleague at the Venice Cookie Company who Mike promoted from sales rep to Business Development Manager had this to say about Mike: 

"Mike Voss was the first manager that I encountered after entering the California cannabis industry and I couldn’t have been luckier. His breadth of knowledge, technical & fundamental insight as well as his compassion for the medical patient not only made my transition from another industry enjoyable but also set me on a track to be successful. With his guidance, I was able to navigate the nuances of this emerging industry with ease and because of his leadership I was able to guide my team via open communication and mutual respect. It is an absolute pleasure working with someone with so much passion in an arena driven by fashion, shallow morals and three-word catch phrases."

Hall of flowers 2019 speaker panel

Mike was invited to speak on a panel called "Retail Therapy" at a Hall of Flowers after party event during the summer of 2019. 


Please feel free to call, email, direct message, or text Mike anytime.

Mike is available to speak further on his qualifications and is looking to start in a VP or Director level sales or geo-expansion position immediately.  Mike Lives in Sacramento California. If your company is not based in the Sacramento area, don't worry! Mike is a self-starter with experience working remotely and traveling. 


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